drained from cheering up the world whose pain is urgent and of the time,
you bleed thoughts of doom in your sleep
your dreams, turbulent. 

you wake up extra early and eat a cupcake your friend made for your special day
w tingles down your spine as you feel seen for the first time in a long time

turns out, this friend sprinkled shrooms in your cupcake 
in hopes that it would boost your mood

you take a walk cause you see a little sunlight peaking through
what would've been a biblical week

you are limber
you are beautiful 
in this moment, music sounds better
you find a tictac in your pocket
even food tastes better (don't judge me)
flowers more inspiring
scent more divine 
you can taste colors and touch emotions 

and fomo is no longer real               (it's not even a real word, see?)

portra 400 w olympus infinity mini


raised by a father who made him fearful
he rouse in the morning wondering
which version of himself he will be

(don't be afraid, lille venn,
of violence)

to rehearse and perform
the tedium of this ass-numbingly dull dance
to see and still remain blind
to be the person no one is rooting for

& every thought is new
so now, you understand suffering?