portra 400 w leica m6

Raymond loaded this roll into the camera.  I love watching people load their cameras cause I feel like I can tell so much about a person through that simple act.  Ray handles it like a gun, super fast and with a purpose.  

Me, I'm a bit more careful and take my time.  My shooting style, however is Spray N' Pray -- shoot as much as you can, pray for something sweet.

kodak gold 200 w contax t (advancing issues)

trying to shoot something vernacular / deadpan but i wasn't feeling it that morning. 

i gave max a camera and some film for his bday and he was so stoked.  i can't wait to be a parent and give my 2yo a camera or camcorder.  think of all you can do if time belonged to you

i love that camilla is always down and excited to shoot.  she's a natural.

i wanted to kill this roll cause i was super excited about camilla's pics so i took it on my walk to get coffee on friday morning.  it was such beautiful day.  looks like a GAP ad imo