ignorance is bliss.

There was this girl in my first grade class; her name was Quinn. Everyone loved her including the teacher. Everyone wanted to be like her. She was just so darn cute.

Every child from our first grade class had to partner up with a second grader for “Reading”. Absolutely pointless. I think it was a plan the teachers made so they could take a discreet break from teaching. Clever.

They partnered me up with my older sister, Linda. I never told Linda this but I was utterly forlorn when she said she wanted to be partners with Quinn. Every second grader wanted to be partners with Quinn! There was a fucking line to be partners with Quinn.

Quinn and I were frienemies in first grade. I’d walk to and from school with her and play with her at recess, but I despised the fact that she used her “cuteness” to every advantage. She’s done some dodgy things and never had to “pull a card” or sit at “the wall” during recess.

The first day of school Miss. Long passed out a sheet of construction paper to every student. She went around and told everyone to announce to the class the color construction paper they wanted.

Every girl wanted to be like Quinn, even some of the boys. Quinn wanted hot pink construction paper, and so did the next girl, and the next, and the girl after that.

Then it was finally my turn.

Oblivious, I said “Purple”.

I don’t believe I made any friends that day.


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