I've sent these to postsecret; they've never been posted.

When I was in the seventh grade, after school I'd walk to the freeway overpass by my house and look down. There was something so calming about traffic. And then I'd squirt ketchup and mustard down.

Whenever I'm over at an unfamiliar home, I ask to use the bathroom. I don't really use the bathroom. I rearrange their medicine cabinet. It makes me feel like I know more about them.

When Davis and I first went out, I asked to use his bathroom and went straight for his medicine cabinet. This was the first time something had ever gone wrong. I broke his mirror. You see, his mirror protruded as if it were a medicine cabinet. I felt so guilty. He's still oblivious.

I am a slave to the Ikea catalog.

A lot of people ask me for advice because they think I give honest answers. The truth is that I just tell them what they want to hear.

I supported my friend when she decided to get an abortion. I knew that's what she wanted. When she said she could've had twins, that changed everything. I don't even know how that makes a difference but I can never forgive myself. I haven't spoken to her since.

I wish I could say I love God.


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