letters to you.

I started writing letters again. There's something much more personal about writing letters than sending an email.

I always write on a blank sheet of paper, no lines. I prefer writing on sketch paper that's a little off-white.

I sometimes put the date on the upper-right.

I like to greet whoever I'm writing to with just their name. It's simple...I don't like to start out with the word "Dear".

If I can't fit everything I need to say on one sheet of paper, I tend to draw this at the end of the first page. It simply tells the reader to flip the page.

Then I sign my name. Sometimes I write "Fondly", "With Love", "Love", "XO", or just simply "X".

When I'm done writing, I like to draw a little square to indicate that fact.

Then I fold the letter twice and seal it with tape; drawn on tape that is. Sometimes, I write the receiver's name.

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Sina said...

It must feel really nice to receive a carefully written letter like that :)