I was just at my local Walgreens about an hour ago.

There’s something about Walgreens. Every time I walk in, I feel as though I’m walking into heaven. Is it the bright lights?

I bought a few things I needed and rushed out the sliding glass doors into the most uncomfortable situation. 

This situation is pretty equivalent to hell.

There was a man wandering around outside. He asked if I had any spare change.

“I’m sorry, I only have my credit card.”

Honestly. I only had my credit card.


I felt like I was off the hook. There was a little guilt lingering, but it didn’t kill me.

I felt like it was best not to make direct eye contact with this man. I started to walk away.

“God bless you my dear.”


He had to say it.

I suddenly feel like a heathen.



Anonymous said...

hello you!
i just saw your youtube vid on those headbands!
and guess what, you're not the only one who's obsessed with them!
and now, im dying to get those blair red hairbands from etsy.com, thing is, i dont know if she ships to my place!
anyways, hit me back yes!!

meesheo said...

I feel the same way about Target!

I had almost the same instance today (okay, maybe..not really).
outside of the postoffice, there was a man shaking a can asking for spare change; when i saw him from my car, i took out a dollar and put it in my front pocket so i'd be ready to give it to him. once i get out of my car, another man stops by and talks to him, so i think "eh, i'll just wait until i'm done with the postoffice to give the dollar to him."
i'm out of the post office, look over, and the man asking for change already left.