behind the image.

I've worked on a series of these images. It's suppose to look like a two-faced man but obviously exaggerated. Notice his shoes, his shocks, his pants, his shirt/tie, and his eyes...I think it's pretty obvious.
This was a hat display at John Varvatos. Right when I saw this, I fell in love...considering the fact that I work in a hat store. 
Let me introduce you to Donald Edward Hunt III and William Hart...my coworkers. People always confuse them for one another but they are two completely different individuals so I decided to paint a portrait to capture their differences. 
I painted most of this canvas black and left a little window for viewing. In this image there's a goldfish swimming in what seems to be an empty fish bowl. The goldfish almost disappears into the background because of the color scheme. 
This is a copy of a copy of a copy of an image i painted years and years ago. I've printed a whole series of these...hats, hamburgers, glasses, shoes...


Little Miss Curious said...

Wow! Did you paint the first artwork? That is amazing. I would buy it!

Connie said...

I really love these paintings. Such a clever idea. You should post pics of the rest of the series. very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

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