oh the horror

So I had my iPod stolen at my birthday party...sucks because I used that iPod way more than the average person would. I mean, I'd wake up and put on my makeup listening to my iPod, I drive to work listening to it, I'd go into work and plug that thing in and play it for hours, drive to school once again blasting it in my car, and then hike for half an hour to and from class with my iPod plugged in my ears.

Long story short, I loved that thing, and for someone who I considered a friend to steal it on my birthday, at my house...you have to be incredibly selfish.

So now at work I just listen to whatever CD is in the changer and play that on repeat. Now luckily, my coworker William(check out his blog) has the best taste in music.

I came into work the other morning and this was in the CD changer.

Let's just say my day went by a lot faster.

Oh and this too...

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Kim said...

ouchhh im srry. id be super traumatized without my ipod. cant live without it! happy belatedd though!