key fall items

You will need plenty of lightweight scarves. You know, to accent your outfits and throw in a little color...
Berets...just because I love hats. I feel as though it bumps up my style points.
Jean jacket-because everyone needs this in their wardrobe.
Military Jacket-with a ton of pockets...I love this because I don't have to carry my purse around.
Fitted blazer-If it weren't fall, I'd definitely replace this is a peacoat-just a dressier appeal.
Cardigans-just so feminine. Need I say more?
Button-down shirts-Just so masculine and cool. Need I say more?
Silk shirts-hangs kind of loose, ultra comfortable. Looks great under a structured jacket.
Mini-shirts-okay, when I like something, I exploit it and buy two. Worn loose or long shirts...just looks laid-back and cool. Oh and dress them with opaque tights for a different angle.
Pencil skirts-so technically, this is not a pencil skirt...they don't fit my body type. This is the best alternative for me. Figure flattering and hugs at the waist...for when I want to look a little more thought out. Only to be worn with heels.


Shes Dressing Up said...

Great post, love your beret collection!

Lani Love said...

you have such great staple pieces. :)

kim said...

i really adore your fashion sense.