the problems in hand are lighter than at heart

I had a long and awkward conversation with a friend today when I was at work.

Strange, people catch me at work because I no longer exist after I leave. Even more strange, I'd rather be completely alone than share an awkward moment with someone unfamiliar.

Four days a week, five hours each day, I'm not alone.

You know, people ask me for advice because they think I won't judge them. They think I'm a "listener". They think I'm paying close attention.

People ask me for advice because they think I'll give them an honest input. The truth is I just tell them what they want to hear.

I do believe we are all selfish one way or another.

a.) agree
b.) medication
c.) quit job
d.) I've lost respect for you

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kim said...

A...you've got a point. And possibly C. ;]