girl, you have no faith in medicine

When was the last time you felt loved?

Up until 4th grade, I always looked forward to getting sick. I kid you not, if I found out Little Johnny was coughing up a storm, I'd be his new best friend. Why you ask? No, it was not because my parents let me skip school. They would never. Can you imagine being the only kid in elementary school with perfect attendance? Embarrassing.

It was because my mom gave me her undivided attention. It was my time to be selfish, and for the middle child, I craved that moment. It didn't matter that I physically felt like death, those things are just temporary.

My mother's metal alarm would wake her up every couple of hours to check on me and fetch me warm water and medicine. It didn't end there. She would wait there, in the middle of the night until I fell asleep. I can't remember any other time I felt that safe. I had no doubt in my mind that this is love.


Karen said...

That definitely sounds like love. :)

I think one distinct memory of when I felt loved was when I had a nightmare and my boyfriend was sleeping next to me. When I woke up, I heard him going "shh" next to me, to calm me down.

Wm said...

I really enjoy reading your stories/ posts.
You should post more often! :)

Ken Watanabe said...

this is such a heart warming story!!

katheebee94 said...

awww. i remember those days.
now my mother just says to look in the medicine cabinet when i say im sick. i'm 15 and i still dont know what medicine to take. i never felt comfortable taking medicine all by myself...

thats pathetic.

anywho..i agree with "Wm"