alright, we'll do this your way.

I spent the entire weekend in bed.

"Lets go buy a canvas.  We should work on that hair painting."


But to be quite honest, I highly doubt he'll do anything with the canvas.  I know this from previous experience.

"Okay, we need paint."

Fuck, he's really serious. I don't know if I really want to invest all this effort on a canvas that's just going to gather dust in his garage.

-Okay, let's pick some up at my house.

"Alright. Are you going to help me with this?"

Truthfully, I just want to devour that pint of mint ice-cream and watch him get frustrated because there's no way this will work and if it does, there's no way we'll complete this today.

-Alright, what can I do?

"Go rake up as much hair as you can from my bedroom floor."

Disgusting, I know.  I shed like you wouldn't imagine. 

"Okay, so how are we going to do this?"

-I guess I'll start. 

Fuck, this is so frustrating, I wish I had straight hair. 

"Have you developed a method?"

-Well, kinda.  

"Its starting to really look like the shower floor. "

Yeah, he's right. 

"Well that was productive."

He's right, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.


Unknown said...

i shed real bad too. :)

Mina Sant said...

Like it!

:D Am I weird?