your clothes will thank you.

Something so basic, I thought every knew of this magical invention. I was wrong. This guy came into my work yesterday and asked if we clean hats. I thought he had massive stains but no, just lint. When I pulled this contraption out, he was incredibly amazed. Couldn't believe it. 
Now, for those pesky little balls that form from rubbing fabric together, I invested in one of these (around $7 at Target). I use to think there was no solution to this problem but to either pick each one off individually or just to throw the garment away. I was wrong, this one tool saved my closet. 
My mother never leaves the house with a wrinkle on her shirt. I on the other hand, didn't really have a choice. Time was always an issue. Well, until I discovered the clothing steamer (this one's from Jiffy; around $60). I hate ironing my clothes because I tend to burn things AND it takes way too long to go over every garment individually. This clothing steamer is incredibly quick, I simply run it through everything I need wrinkles taken out of right after I take my laundry out of the dryer. Takes hardly anytime AND its kind of therapeutic. Something so calming about steaming out wrinkles, instant gratification. 

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Wm said...

Weird to think that seeing a clothing steamer could trigger so many memories!