control yourself.

So I started parting my hair down the middle around two weeks ago because I wanted a change, but nothing to drastic. Now the problem with parting my hair down the middle is that I have a ton of little hairs that won't sit still. I call them "the nasties".

So I ran over to the salon near my work to look for something to calm my strands. I wanted something heavy enough to hold my strays in place, but not too heavy to the point that they look greasy. I also wanted something pliable (not like hairspray) and it has to make my hair rather piece-y...and definitely needs to fight frizz.

The receptionist knew exactly what I was looking for and recommended Aveda's "Control Paste". She said she uses it everyday so I quickly jumped at the chance of purchasing this product. And I must say, I'm completely in love. It does exactly what I need it to do and smells amazing. How did I ever live without this product. $22 later, I was having a great-hair-day.


meesheo said...

oh wow! i need to try this! my baby hairs don't ever want to become adults D:

Unknown said...

high five and fist pump for the down the middle part! i've become a huge fan of it - but every now and then i debate on whether or not i should cut the blunt fobster bangs again. however simply due to the fact that i've grown out my bangs past my chin i won't do it!

lets see pics of you and the down the middle part!


Lauren said...

i'm going to have to try this. i love aveda hair products- their brush is like god to my scalp and the volumizer is nice too. but this might train my cowlicks to do center part, which I need because I feel like bangs are 2009, yes?

Unknown said...

i've always wanted to go back to the center part, but i've had my bangs since 2000 and i can't seem to get rid of them. i've even done the middle part and blended/pinned the bangs and that seems to work, but i don't think i look as cute as you with it, unfortunately