I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you guys to the products I rely on to keep myself presentable.
Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 25 Moisturizing Balm- This rich, thick, and creamy moisturizer is perfect for my insanely dry patches. Its the perfect base for makeup because it smooths out my skin texture without feeling sticky like a lot of moisturizers. The fragrance is enough to get me out of bed in the morning; even with SPF 25, this moisturizer does not smell like sunblock. Definitely my holy-grail when it comes to facial moisturizers.
Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Body Lotion- I've been using this since High School. Its just one of those scents that strikes nostalgia every time I get a whiff. I'm sure there are better body moisturizers out there, but I'm stuck. 
Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser- Once again, this is also a product I've been using for a long time; since middle-school to be exact. The smell always reminds me of my 6th grade summer when my sister's friend introduced us to this cleanser. Before that, I've alway thought cleaners are suppose to lather up and make your skin feel tight afterwards. This does not. Its the one cleanser I consistently come back for even though its probably not the best. The fragrance just gets to me.
Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment- Now, when it comes to lip products (as well as any product to be quite honest), I rely on packaging. Thats why I loved Rosebud Salve for so long. Then I realized that it wasn't moisturizing my lips, it was just coating it with a layer of petroleum. Not good. I have what I like to call Chronic Dry Lips. Nick introduced me to this product around three months ago and its been within an arms reach ever since. I know, I know. The packaging is fugly, but it really works!
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum- My hair without some form of smoothing hair product is a frizz-fest. I kid you not, I'm afraid to brush my hair because I know the outcome. When I get out the shower, when my hair is still wet (but not dripping), I apply one pump of this to the end of my hair and work my way up (but not too close to the root). This keeps my hair from wandering off its own path.
Aveda Control Paste- I wrote about this a while ago and I must say, I'm still in love. I depend of this product to tame my baby-hairs as well as flattening my...well you know, nasties. This product smells wonderful, and is not too heavy to the point where it weighs down your hair and makes it look flat. Nope. This product is pretty perfect. 
Klorane Dry Shampoo- No, I don't wash my hair everyday! Can you imagine the frizz-fest I'd encounter? I'm not taking that bullet. So those off days, when the ends of my hair are disciplined but my roots are a little feisty, I rely on this dry shampoo. It actually smells like shampoo! I simply spray this at the root of my hair and run my fingers through two minutes later. Also great for when you've been wearing a hat all day and your hair is a little flat. This also adds volume. What more could you ask for?

*Thank you Nick van Gordon for taking all these photographs and for designing my beautiful banner. 

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