lip envy.

If you know me, you'd know I've been obsessed with lip products.  What I've been loving is the idea applying a lip color only once, and having it last all day. Lip markers were a great way to achieve that look but a lot of people (myself excluded) complain about their markers drying out.  Well for those of you, I've found a solution.

Urban Decay "Lip Envy" is a great product if you're just starting to experiment with lip stains. It doesn't dry too fast, so you can still fix up your look if you happen to color outside the line. The color is build-able so you start out with a decent amount of color, and you can always work your way up for a more dramatic effect. The applicator is a doe-foot shape, but not your average applicator because it's a little smaller, which offers precision.  Check out the packaging, couldn't get any cuter.

Definitely my new favorite lip product. This is going to be great for summer when I don't feel like layering on tons of makeup. Just a touch of color for a fresh-face look.  Gives a great "I just sucked on a popsicle" look. And did I mention, it's the only lip stain I've ever seen with a lip gloss applicator and smells like a lip product should. Not like glue. This lip stain smells rather fruity. The shade I purchased is "Greedy" because it sums up my existence. JayKay, I chose this shade because it's a deeper berry which compliments my skin-tone.


Unknown said...

Ooo I wanna try this out - my friend C.C. always jokes with me saying not to buy lipstains - that you can achieve the same look by applying lipstick and smudging/rubbing it off ;) haha!


chrissstttiiine said...

kinda true, but whenever I do that, it still rubs off when i drink coffee on the lid. so gross.

Jenny said...

I have tried quite a few lipstains including the Covergirl Lipstain and Benetint but I find it doesn't stain my top lip. What am I doing wrong? Or is it the actual lipstains? I do not know but it seems to happen with quite a few of them. On one occasion, it looked decent but now I don't remember which one it was and I don't want to keep damaging my lips by taking the lipstains off again and again to test them out - one thing you can definitely say about the stains is that they don't come off! My problem is is that it won't stay on my top lip! Tips, advice please? Thanks

chrissstttiiine said...

When you're moisturizing your lips, are you using a petroleum based lip balm. i find that those ones keep my lips from absorbing any pigment. I use blistex medicated lip ointment. sounds gross but it really does moisturize. then i get it dry for a solid two minutes and then apply lip stain. AND try not to blot your lips. because that can keep product from sinking in.

Hope that helps.

Jenny said...

Yeah, my lip balm has petroleum in it. I always used it before I put on the lip stain and I never let it dry. I just applied the stain on straight after. I was actually starting to think that I could never wear lip stain because of my top lip!T_T And now it could be because of the petroleum.

I have been using the Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner for years but after reading what you wrote about the Rosebud Salve, I'm now thinking 'Is this really moisturising my lips?' because I find I am constantly re-applying. And it doesn't really dry. It just stays moist on my lips. Hmmm...

Thanks for the tips.