I've been wearing winged eyeliner for a few months straight now (of course I'll try other things but it's been apart of my daily routine). I absolutely love the idea of making it a signature mark as my friend Michelle did. Looks wonderful on her; I must say she's the reason I started wearing winged liner routinely.
Now, I've been trying out different liquid liners so I'd love to explain to you what a like and dislike about certain liners. 
I started using Lorac "Front of the Line Pro" ($22) and loved it because it was easy to use; just like using a pen, and it was convenient because you didn't have to carry around a brush. This eyeliner offers control and precision. The only default was the line this product releases is too precise when it comes to filling in. If you're in a bit of a rush, it'll take a little time to fill in the rest of your liner. Layers and layers later, you have the perfect winged-liner. Great if you just want a precise wing and used something else to fill in the rest. 
Then I started using MAC "Fluidline" ($15) which I love because it glide on so easily and I prefer using a brush (just can't stand having to carry one around in my makeup bag). I use the MAC 263 synthetic angled eyeliner brush which is a dream! Now the only problem with this product is that during summer, my face sweats and my lids get kinda greasy. I know, not attractive. When my lid gets greasy, this liner smudges. I've tried to prevent it by laying primer under, but nothing seems to stop this liner from running in the heat. Otherwise, it's perfect for cooler weather when you're not sweating. 
And then my sister Ann and I did a makeup swap and she gave me this, the Shu Uemura "Painting Liner" ($24). A little too pricey for my wallet but since I basically got it for free, I was incredibly excited. I tried it out straight away. What I was immediately turned off by was the fact that this liner is super thick. Almost tar-like. I carefully ran it across my lids and left the house for work. When I got home from work, everything was still in place! No running, no smudges, or creasing! A little difficult to apply because it doesn't glide on as well as the MAC "Fluidline", but definitely my favorite because it does not budge. 


Unknown said...

i love a winged eye! i feel like i do a very subtle one, but want to start doing a more obvious one like in the pictures you posted. i just always fear i look like a complete doofus. i have a cheap product similar to the lorac - go walgreens! it works well. i also wanna try a maybeline one similar to the last two you posted - just haven't gotten around to it.


Anonymous said...

i lovee having doing the winged eye make up. i've been doing it since high school, and it seriously looks great on everyone.

takes a steady hand, but once you get it just right..you can do it in a second.

i wish that the shu uemura had the same texture as the mac fluidline..because i seriously need some awesome work/water resistant liner.

it'd be awesome if you could do some swatches a long with your make up reviews. it would help a ton!

keep it up with the blog, i love it!


Unknown said...

would def look weird on me; but everything is super cute on you. put a pic up of you with the winged liner! also i want to hang out with you and your sister already. it's been so long. can we make it happen? :)

meesheo said...

<3 !
if you're looking for a budge-free liner, i've been using MAC's waterproof liquid liner every summer for the past few years (because all the oil in my body seems to all rush to my eyelids in the summer or something....!) and it's been magical! it might be tar-like like the shu's, but dries pretty quickly and should be a bit cheaper. i've been using it everyday and have had this tiny tube or liner for about 2 months now. lots of liquid bangin' for your buck!

Ronnie Barrows said...

Completely innocent and admittedly naive question:

Is there a difference between winged-eyeliner and "cat eyes"? I'm guessing the latter means more eye-shadow is involved?

Either way, I'm a big fan of this look on girls (not to sound like a pig).

chrissstttiiine said...

Hmmm. That's a great question.

I think (and I'm not too sure) that "cat eyes" involve a bit more shadows and contours. A bit more highlight and details. And as for the liner, it's more of a slant rather than a curvy flip.

I reckon "cat eyes" are good for a nighttime look and "winged-liner" is good for day?

Susan said...

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama (I think that's what it's called) is a really good gel eyeliner. Everything used to smudge off on me but this lasted me an entire night of clubbing.