old favorites.

A couple of days ago, a thought came to my mind. Whatever happened to my favorite products from when I was a tween? Those products I grew up on, are they still good? Do they still exist? So I went on the hunt to find these lost treasures. 
Jane Cosmetics: This is like meeting up with an old friend. Jane was my favorite makeup brand when I was around 13.  I remember everything being under $5! The reason why I loved Jane so much compared to all the other drugstore brands was because the packaging was so modest and straight-forward. I was completely in love with their blushes and nail polishes (couldn't find any nail polish where I looked). I'm loving the new mineral Lip Balm though, perfectly moisturizing with SPF 15. 

Pssssst!: My first dry shampoo. Completely changed my hygiene routine. Well, not really but this was the first and best dry shampoo I've ever used. I thought its been discontinued for a while but apparently not. The reason why I liked this one so much is because it didn't leave as much white dust on my hair, and whatever was left could easily be shaken out. And not to mention, it smells great!

L'Oreal Colour Juice: My cousin Amy introduced this product to me when I was in middle-school. I was addicted to the scent and would layer it on just for the fix. Our favorite shade was "Watermelon Crush" but over the years, I've learned to love "Grape Soda", a flat raspberry tone.

Anna Sui Hand Mirror: When I was around 16, I went through an Anna Sui obsession phase. I loved her beauty products because the packaging is just so darn cute. I bought a few of her lip gloss rings and brushes and kind of never looked back. My sister Linda actually bought me this hand mirror because I didn't have a compact in my makeup bag. I love this one because it comes with a little pouch, how adorable is that?


Eizelle said...

i still have jane nail polish!!! it's clear nail polish but it's like a clear red.

big fea said...

I remember jane cosmetics too! Where did you find it? I just bought pssst like a month ago and it's my first dry shampoo too. I'm taking it on my road trip.