coffee with company, change for strangers.

I've been slipping deeper and deeper into the habit of going out just to consume meals by myself.

I lied.

It doesn't end here.

I've grown fond of sitting in the dark of the matinee, watching films just so they'd kill time.

Fortunately, I have come across an answer.

Drinking coffee, taking on long walks down busy streets, but mostly just thinking.

This is no pity party.  Keep in mind this is a choice.  People have asked to sit down and join me, but please excuse the distance.

I need this more than anyone I know.

And now, the conversation is done.


Unknown said...

i do both too. i'd go to the theater across from uci with all the old people, or the flashback theater across from south coast. i like aloneness. especially when i moved back to san b, and didn't know anyone cause they'd all moved away.

AmyRoto said...

I used to go to the movies by myself all the time when I wanted to get away from my (now former) roommates and be alone.

I've even done it on "date night" (a Friday night).