eye cream.

A couple of weeks ago I was covering shifts for a friend at his clothing store when his coworker came in to see if I needed any help. She and I started talking about little things when out of nowhere, our age came up. I was shocked to find out she's twenty-nine. Her skin looks a million times better than mine, even with no makeup on. She revealed a few of her secrets, and now I've promised myself I'm going to try and keep up.

 Oh, and her name is Bre, and you can read her blog here: NeonBrunette

It's been less than a week and I've already seen my dark under-eye circles fading.  This, my friends, is among her beauty secrets.


Katherine88x said...

I don't even care that I'm 19, haha I'm going to try this out :)

Anonymous said...

ahh, wonderful wonderful skin care..... it's NEVER too early to start. what did I tell you!?
(this is Giselle, by the way)

Luna said...

How often and what time of day do you apply it? Yeah, I suffer from bags under my eyes... probably should control that somehow like you did. :)

Em said...

You should do a skin care video with her!