don't be afraid, lille venn.

I've been having this repeating dream where I'm hopelessly watching a faceless body tread in a swimming pool that is a touch too small for him.  He sinks under and I consider stepping in for a moment.

I dip my foot in to test the water.


The the pool is a flush peach tone and everything is well lit from within.

I watch him as he comfortably holds his breath underwater.  I can't explain how I can see this, for I never actually make it into the pool.

Then, out of the sky comes a massive net to scoop him up.  I watch him lift up into the air, far too fast for me to reach out and grab him.

He screams for my help, and I jump as high as I can, but not nearly high enough.

As I yell out "I'm trying my best", I fall into the pool, sink to the bottom, and can't move.

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