Don't know if you guys have noticed, but I've been posting music, films, and books I enjoy.  Now, I've always been fond of Roald Dahl when it comes to that nostalgic bit, but I've never really researched this adult fiction.  Funny thing is, my sister Linda recommended it to me years ago, but considering the fact that she recommends everything I read...and sometimes I can't handle the information overload...I put her on the back burner.  Now, Sarah from Clothesencounters just mentioned Roald Dahl the other day (considering the fact that I love short stories) and everything clicked.  Went to the "Walmart" of bookstores earlier today (Barnes and fucking Noble(s)) and purchased this compilation.  I have to say I really like this.  I really do.  Here's to romancing myself tonight.  Wine included.

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Unknown said...

short stories are my life (literally-- ah, a literary pun!). i have yet another story due formy master's workshop on tuesday, and here i am procrastinating. if you need recommends on short fiction writers, you let me know. i'm heavy into flash fiction/short shorts now.

missed you at linda's birthday. must catch up soon. also, that sarah girl is my friend jeremiah's gf! she's so cute (i've only seen her on my friend's facebook though).

also also, there are tons of borders going out of business and literature is 40% off. i've been going crazy with my purchases there.