she liked cats.

She liked cats.  Well, she LIKES cats, but I’m just not there to witness it anymore.  Let me be more specific; I’m not talking about the kind of person that likes cats enough to point out a cute one when they see it, or to pick one up and pet it at their friends’ house.  I’m not even talking about the kind of cat-liker that buys a plastic stick with a feather on the end of it just to wiggle it in their cat’s face every now and again, batting them with it until they run behind the living room chair and hide.  Not the type that sprinkles catnip on their floor at night, or buys an electronic mouse that moves on it’s own through the kitchen, around the dining room.  No, not that kind of cat-liker….she was more than that.  She IS more than that, I’m just not there to witness it anymore.

I’m talking about the kind of cat-liker that can’t think of anything else, ever.  The kind of feline fanatic that HAS TO HAVE A CAT RIGHT NOW!  A level of pussy obsession that no man will ever understand.  The kind of person that regularly contributes to a cat blog…yes, there is such a thing.  A cat blog…  The kind of person that kidnaps their downstairs neighbor’s cat, renames it, and only reluctantly returns it when threatened with criminal charges…and even then, still leaves it food and water outside of her front door.  A real cat-creeper, like those old ladies you read about, but younger…and creepier.

SHE. LIKED. CATS.  Well, she LIKES cats, but she’s in New York, and I’m still right here.

Me personally?  I’m a dog guy. 



jeanne said...

but debbie loves cats: http://devour.com/video/debbie-loves-cats/

Rachel Nguyen said...

^ i was going to post that video too

Karli said...

Jeanne, great minds thinks alike :)