DIY Eugenia Kim Mini-Beret

I bought this book when I first started working for Arth.  I love Eugenia Kim's hats and when I found out she made a DIY book, I had to try it out.  Made a few hats but one in particular is a personal favorite.  
The Mini-Beret.  Now, I use to wear berets everyday and when the weather was too hot, this was the perfect alternative.  I made miniatures of every beret I owned to coordinate with different outfits.  

Recently, my friend Caroline started wearing this leopard beret from Arth.
I thought it looked so cute on her so I decided to make her a miniature. 
I really hope she likes it.  I especially love the numb in the center. 


Caroline said...

You're the best :) thank you!


Lily said...

Mini things are the best!

Anonymous said...

you're always adorned in the most awesomest of color palettes

Aimless Dreamer said...

Oooh neat! Is it possible to get instructions on making these cute mini berets without buying the book? I'm not an animal print kind of person, but I definitely love the cheetah/leopard/jaguar print with that beret.