Otis Redding kind of morning.

I was rushing to work this morning when this song came on the radio and changed my mood.  The last time I really listened to this was about a year ago when I was driving to San Francisco for New Years, alone.  I remember that weekend so clearly; what I did every night, what I wore, who I met.  Hearing this song today brought me back to that feeling of being so vulnerable.  That feeling like you've broken your own heart and can't imagine where to begin to change.

And yet, everything still remains the same. 


Catie said...

Would you be willing to do a playlist post? I love all the music that you post and I'm interested in other stuff that you listen to!

Also, the little tidbits that you write are truly moving. You have a talent for translating what's inside of you to tangible words and feelings. It's a genuine joy to read your blog- I keep coming back!

Aimless Dreamer said...

Whoa. I've been in an Otis Redding mood all week. Not joking. This song is great, but I really like Try A Little Tenderness. So much soul and passion, I love it!