Coffee with Company, Change for Strangers Pt.3

And for a moment, there was silence.  The rain took a quick break, leaving a stale static in the air.  I wake up moments before my alarm can interrupt my thoughts.

First thought: Where am I?

It took me longer than usual to place everything together this morning.  As secondary colors start to compose, I realize I know this duvet all too well. 

Second thought: What an appalling color scheme. 

It’ll take me even longer to push myself out of bed today for the night before left me desensitized.  When I finally do make my way out of bed, everything I need to do will be done heedlessly and at an incredibly. slow. pace.   

Last thought: I need coffee.

With this in mind, I pick up my pace and hop into a shower, which I cannot seem to get right.  No matter how much I fidget, the temperature continues to disappoint.  This shall pass, so I leave the house with more anxiety than before.  Therefore I decided to make some changes. 

“No, I will not have my usual medium redeye.  I’ll take a large coffee instead, no room for cream.”

Need I mention, that awkward shower enthralled me to quit smoking?  Enthrall, then disappoint.  As always.

This will fail for as soon as I make my way outside the coffee shop; I had the most delightful drag.

There goes round one.  One of twenty.

If I stay here, I'll dim out.

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