Sugarlips Blouse, Topshop Shorts, Moscot Sunnies, Dolce Vita Boots.

Received a carefully wrapped package from Sugarlips earlier today with this lovely sheer aviation top; perfect timing 'cause I really needed to do laundry.  The description said to pair this top with a pencil skirt and pumps for a "Pan-Am" look; sounds adorable but just not my style, so I decided to dress it down and shorts and boots.  Trisha and I made our way to my High School after school hangout spot (well, it was a hangout spot until *someone narc'd us) and took some shots.  This is my first style post so go easy on me.

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*you know who you are, you haven't been forgiven.


Unknown said...

you look gorgeous! love the top

Kate said...

I really like this post hope you keep doing them!
and that top is gorgeous, wish I could get it in the uk

Anonymous said...

Love the top! It definitely does look like something the gals in Pan Am sport! But of course - you look so lovely in it!


Myriam said...

Very nice outfit! :)