A to Z

I found this on Trisha's blog.

A. Available: Only on Sundays
B. Birthday: March 17, 1988
C. Crushing on: Camel Crush
D. Drink you last had: Red Stripe
E. Easiest person to talk to: Trisha
F. Favorite song: Magazine "Parade"
G. Grossest memory: Raisins with Kim
H. Hometown: Buffet
I. In love with: Heath
J. Jealous of: people who don't have to pay bills
K. Killed someone: with kindness
L. Longest friendship: 19 years (but not close)
M. Milkshake flavour: Neapolitan
N. Number of siblings: 3 half, 4 full 
O. One wish: for money to never be an issue
P. Person who you last called: Caroline
Q. Question you're asked the most: How did you do your hair? 
R. Reason to smile: Heath
S. Song you last sang: Aloe Blacc "I Need a Dollar"
T. Time you wake up: 9am or 11:11am (my morning alarms)
U. Underwear color: Black
V. Violent moment: Can't recall
W. Worst habit: I'll remember something funny and laugh at the most inappropriate times.  All the time.
X. X-ray you had: Can't recall
Y. Your last time you cried: Tonight at my birthday dinner
Z. Zodiac sign: Pisces

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Lilladylife said...

it's your bday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
wow Neapolitan shake? Never tried that, need to try with u one day!