Coffee with Company, Change for Strangers Pt.5

With an anxiety that remains consistently one step ahead of relief, you’ll see today, and the next, and the day after that just the same; as if nothing has been tampered with.

Ceteris paribus.

As long as you still have your Netflix, right?  As long as everything remains the same, then everything is static.  Now if everything remains static, there’s no reason for change.  And if there’s no reason for change, what is my purpose?

Anywho; something to think about.

I no longer drink a medium redeye, black.  I’ve stopped devouring a bottle of red nightly.  I’ve forgotten how it felt like to chain smoke.  And please, no more Glenn Livet.

All style, no substance.  So who am I to force these changes upon you?

A penny for your thoughts. 

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The new adventures of old Christine