How I Style: Sugarlips

I was given the chance to pick out pieces from Sugarlips' line-sheet so I took this opportunity to pick out pieces that I wouldn't normally pick.  Step outside my comfort zone for once in mylife.  You see, I rarely ever go shopping for clothes.  Whenever I do, I always end up buying something that is already in my closet or something very basic that I know I won't grow tired of.  Some might say this makes my style "boring".  

Oh, fuck it.  I know this makes my style boring.  I'm terrified of trying new things.  Bright colors and prints scare the hell out of me! But given this opportunity (and knowing these things don't happen for everyone), I decided to go ahead and try something new.

These are the items I picked out.

{left to right}

No.1 'The Traveling Gypsy Pants'.  I paired these with a plain black tank and bar necklace because I wanted to direct your attention to the pants.  I like these pants because they actually make you look taller! This would be perfect for days when you don't feel like wearing skirts, but want to look feminine.  Now, I got them in a size Medium (because I usually wear extramedium everywhere else), but they are a bit too big.  With no belt loops, I had to safety-pin the back.  If you're a size 26-27 in jeans, I would recommend getting a Small.

No.2 'Black Dahlia Dress'.  This one immediately made me think of Trisha.  Definitely suits her many styles.  I like this this piece is so basic, yet has such a distinct style.  If you really think about it, it's just a black button-down.  But when you really look at it, you notice that it has so many little characteristics that make it so unique (and almost mysterious).  I really like the collar detail and hemline.  Oh and it comes with its own slip which you can totally wear under anything else.

*These next two items are not on the site yet so the images are not the best.  I took them off the line-sheet.

No.3 'Minty Midnight Dress'.  I've always loved the idea of lace (lace underwear has always been a confidence boost under my normal, stale uniform).  This dress is most likely my favorite thing I got to pick out.  I especially love the back cut-out.  Just the proper amount of skin.

No.4 'Coral Amelia Dress'.  This dress is definitely the brightest dress in my closet at the moment.  I was a little worried about the peplum because I'm not the most confident when it comes to my body shape, but I must say, I really like the way it drapes.  Very comfortable dress, yet a bit more on the dressy side because of the dropped neckline that discreetly shows through.

No.5 'Cardinal Aztec Dress'.  I love loud prints and bright colors on other girls.  Where I work, I'm always "people watching" and I tend to see a lot of stylish people walking around.  The girls with bright dresses with big prints always make me wish I could have the confidence to just go for it.  But of course, I'm always afraid of regretting a purchase afterwards (I hate returning things).  When this arrived, I tried it on immediately and felt like a different person.  I grabbed the first trench I could find to balance this outfit and felt a lot better.  I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit during colder weather.  The coat helped out a lot.


Anonymous said...

The coral color looks SOOO good on you, but I don't the fit of the dress really goes with your style. The last dress is sooooo perfect though! I also would've never imagined you to wear something like that but it seems so you! This one and the trousers were definitely my favorite!

Lily said...

That coral really does make you glow!