DIY(kind of, not really): Basic Sandals

Before I start, I must say that this was not my idea.  I got this from Lauren Miranda who works at Eye Society.  She came in with the most perfect sandals, I had to ask her where she got them.  

You see, before she started working at Eye Society, before Spring/Summer came around, I knew I had to find a pair of flat sandals.  I found the most perfect pair (photographed below) from WOMAN by Common Projects BUT they were $500!  For something so basic, I was not willing to fork over rent just for shoes.  Determined, I went on a hunt for similar pairs.  No luck, until one day, Lauren Miranda walked in.  Of course, this was towards the end of summer, but there's always next year (oh and southern California is still 90+ these days, ughhh).
She told me that she bought these sandals (photographed below) from Urban Outfitters and simply removed all the embellishments and added snaps to the sides.  I could not believe it.  Such a hideous sandal before, so basic and clean afterwards.  I had to start this project.  
I took a razor and seam-ripper and went to town on the shoes as soon as I got them.  It took about 10 minutes to remove everything (carefully!).  Then I went to my local cobbler and asked him to add snaps to it.  Couldn't be happier with these sandals.  Too bad they didn't come earlier last season when I really needed them.


Ivanna said...

wow thats pretty awesome! they end up becoming the perfect sandal afterwards


ThriftThick said...

They look great in the end but WOW those were ugly when you first got them!! I'm not sure I would have been able to see past the ugly to see the potential those sandals had; great job :)


Anonymous said...

What size are you? Do they fit perfectly?

chrissstttiiine said...

I wear a 7.5 and bought a 7 online. fits perfect.

Andrea said...

holy cow! i need a lauran miranda in my life. thanks for the tip!
-- andrea