Fall Favorites: Hats

All of these hats are from my work, Arth.  Best part of the job is trying all of them on.
1. Override Wide Brim Mannish ($85) I have a similar black one that I've been wearing every year for about 3 years but I love this color (and the Royal Blue one too!)
2. Arth Wool Beret ($105) I'm a sucker for berets!  I've been loyal to my burgundy one for far too long, it's time for a change.  This one's lined so it won't give me hat hair (woohoo!)
3. 9*4 Mixed Cuff Hat ($32) I love a good sweater knit beanie.  This one's perfect because it won't overwhelm my monochromatic wardrobe, but it'll still stand out. 
4. Override Felt Stitch Hat ($55) I've been loving the "Naked Hat" look, with no ribbon and bow on the hat.  This one offers the perfect amount of embellishment, but still looks simple. 
5. Override Ox Hat ($78) I don't hike, but if I did, I would totally bring this one with me!  It's just so perfect, light, and foldable.  And all the colors this one comes in are to die for.



Kitty said...

that beanie! id would wear it everyday! :)

Unknown said...

love the hats!
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