ich heisse lola

I haven't been this excited about a blog in a very long time.  Perhaps its just because this is my friend, Lauren's blog.  Such an inspiration, she takes us through her apartment in her post "Abode".  I cannot wait to see more from this girl.  
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ytoc said...

love the use of the shelves, have the same ones, and thats such a good inspiration!

Shelly said...

Where is that shirt from you wore the same thing with Miranda on instagram? the recent one Jan 20th one. It looks comfy.

Christine said...

@Shelly American Apparel

Shelly said...

Thanks for the quick reply! Oddly, its not shown on the website. Do you know the specific name for it? or is it purchased from the men section.

Shelly said...

Found it :)

Rasa said...

Love this!
Great blog!
Check out mine sometime if you'd like xoxo

nahidworld said...

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Unknown said...

hey dear)
nice blog)loves it)
would you like to follow each other?)

xoxo Christy

Unknown said...

lovely pictures:)X


Mila McKinnon said...

I recently started my own blog.
I would really appreciate it if you'd check it out :)

Unknown said...

love the window