Lip Ink: Product Review

So before I waste anyone's time, I'm going to have to start off by saying this "Review" is more of a "Product Rave".  I've never experienced anything like this before and I'm so confident in this product that I'm willing to throw away all my other lipsticks, stains, whatever.  

So lets start this "Review".

For those of you who don't know, I'm a HUGE fan of lip stains.  I recently made a Lip Stain collection video, which I would not have filmed had I already discovered Lip Ink (semi permanent lipstick).  I can't imagine going back to any other lip product because this stuff seriously does not come off!  

I can't think of a better way to explain, but I'm going to try my best.  It is like applying a nail varnish on your lips, which you let dry in between coats, and remove with a solution.  It doesn't crack, then flake off on me like some other lip stains (L'Oreal Infallible, I'm talking to you), and it doesn't fade off in patches like lip marker stains.  The application process is something I had to learn to get use to, but it's definitely worth it.

I can even wear Lip Ink in the shower and it still does not come off!  The color stays true for a good 24hrs!  The "Off" Solution works like a nail polish remover would at removing a manicure, but on your lips.  When I first started using this product, I kept it handy and used it with a cotton-swab to cleanup mistakes.  The 'Shine' Moisturizer works very well at keeping your lips moisturized so I like to keep a tube of this in my purse to moisturize throughout the day.

For those of you who are looking to start a kit, I definitely recommend sampling it first, before you make the investment.  But if you want to just jump into it, like I did (and I'm so glad I did), I would highly suggest getting the Sampler Kit (photographed below).  It'll provide you with everything you need to start your collection.

I even went and picked out two additional colors which I regularly use and got a sample of their Chocolate Mint Moisturizer (smells so good).  

Oh! And everything came in a handy tote.  I actually picked everything up from Lip Ink's brick and mortar in El Segundo (was only 20 minutes from Long Beach).  I wanted to test out everything myself and it wasn't too far a drive.  

All these shades can be applied in layers (like watercolors) to create a more opaque color (much like a nail polish).  Below are some swatches and the amount of layers in each swatch.  Hope this helps. 

Energy Red:  I was told that Dita Von Teese wears this one.  I mean, if Dita Von Teese loves it, I gotta try it!  Its a nice true red that does not budge.  This is huge for me because red lips are normally the most high-maintenance thing! 

Fuchsia:  I love plum-y shades so I had to pick this one up.  The blue undertone makes my teeth look whiter. 

Nude:  I picked this one up because there are days when I don't really want to wear a lip color, but my natural lip looks like death.  This is my new "my lips, but better" lip color.

Cherry:  I brought in my favorite NARS "Daredevil" and swatched it to find a match.  "Cherry" was the perfect replacement.  It's a deeper red with a blue undertone to make my teeth look whiter.


Jasmine said...


vandini said...

Really good review. Few questions though: have you ever tried on a lip moisturizer, like Chapstick, throughout the day and noticed a difference in wear time/smudging? Since it has such a strong staining effect, have you also noticed a difference in the condition of your lips i.e. them being more dry/changing color after you take it off? Anddddd will the stain still look nice if you have a few flakes on your lips on a day? Lol sorry for all the questions, but I'm really intrigued by the product. It seems almost too good to be true. Once again, thanks for a thorough review.

chrissstttiiine said...

I've been using blistex medicated lip ointment as well as lucas's papa with the color and its still effective. The moisturizer it comes with does not have wax in it so I think if you use it with any product with no wax, it should be fine. Because I remove the stain every night, I feel like my lips are getting an extra exfoliation so my lips have been in better condition than before. I've never used this product with chapped lips on because the "off" solution takes care of that so I don't know if it would still look good throughout the day with flaking lips.

I totally know what you mean about it being too good to be true cause it took me FOREVER to try this product cause I was so sketched. i'm so glad i tried it though.

start out with the free trial! then you lose nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted this. Thank you.

These sound incredible and I had myself signing up for an account on their website immediately after reading... I haven't even tried them and I'm thinking to myself "these could replace all of the lipsticks I own"..... (which is A LOT). holy moly.

Lily said...

How does it feel on the lips? Does it have the same feel like those long-wear lipsticks that sort of dry onto your lips or is it more lightweight? So intrigued!

chrissstttiiine said...

@ssslid I know! I'm seriously not wearing any of my other lip products anymore!

@Lily after you apply the moisturizer, it feels like you don't have anything on your lips. it's a little tight without it though.

Unknown said...

I've ordered the trial and two reds. I can't wait to get them! Thanks for the review. I wear bright red lips on a daily basis and my major complaint is that they smudge and rub off on things. This seems to have solved the problem!

GrittyPrettySF said...

How much did you spend for all of that?

Anonymous said...

wow! you've well convinced me! am so ready to place my order for the trial kit, but would you please do swatches of all three outstanding lip colours on your lips, christine? i'm in australia and i wouldn't be able to consult any counters here for colour advice. it would be so so appreciated! thank you :) natalie xx

Unknown said...


I post Youtube videos! Go subscribe as it will mean the world to me and I will reallllyy appreciate that. I write too!! :)


I love energy red! :)

. said...

The colors are so pretty


Stephany Yu said...

I really love all the nude and red lipstick colors! Still anticipating to try them out, great video by the way!

Gennie said...

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Anonymous said...

This review got me to try lip-ink, so thanks for that. Just a quick question though, I bought sky red and the off solution doesn't really take the colour off easily. I need to scrub with a lot of the off solution before my lips are clean. Have you experienced the same thing? PS: Thanks for the swatches - super helpful.

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