Portraits of a photographer; Sisilia Piring---Canon A1 with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

I wasn't even sure if this camera was in working condition.  I lent my original Canon A1 to a buddy of mine who was drunk-drunk at the time and lost it in an Uber in Long Beach.  He felt bad and bought me a new one which in turn made me feel bad because when I lend my shit, I really don't expect them back.  He was about to travel to Asia and was telling me he wanted a camera so I figured he'd put it to better use.  I think he went ahead and bought himself an AE-1...

That said, these are some portraits I took of my photographer friend, Sisilia Piring.  I have a lot of photographer friends and just recently realized that photographers (or at least the really good photographers) are not very competitive.  They'll tell you all their camera secrets down to which film they use, which camera, which settings---it's fucking rad.  'Cause the truth is, we (non-photographers) will never see the subject they see in the same way.  It's a gift, really.

Also, I (being the noob that I am) opened up this camera and exposed all the film but went ahead and developed it anyway.  Only 2 photos from this roll were destroyed...some have streaks of light which I really don't mind.

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