Portraits of Danielle Cooke --- Canon A1 with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

Danielle came to LA to see DFA79 + BRMC with me at the Wiltern.  We had a wonderful time---this was either the day before or the morning after we went to the show.  I can't be too sure.  I really like how her green eyes pop against the burnt orange background.

That said, I saw in an email blast at the beginning of the year this background color (or was it teak wood walls?)---had that ingrained in my head that I wanted that color and when I finally found it, I bought it and took it home.  as soon as I put it up, I realized how basic it is being we had just entered Fall and it's like pumpkin spiced latte---how generic.  Too lazy to take it down so this is festive AF.

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