UO Film Crew --- Olympus MJU-II with AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200 Color

When Urban Outfitters said they wanted to shoot some videos with me, I was really nervous so I asked Nick what to do.  Nick pretended to be my manager and came to the shoot to keep me company---just to make sure I don't do anything embarrassing or do a bad impersonation of myself.  It was when I met the team that all the nervous tension went out the door.  This crew is the kindest crew; Ella + Karl + Ryan = dream team 

They work so well together---so lucky to have one another.  

DUDE also---I've lived in LA now for a little over a hear and have never been to echo park lake until that day.  Isn't that insane?  It's pretty awesome and so many cute dogs everywhere.  Dog beach, dog park, and here---the best therapy IMO.

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