Sidney Prawatyotin --- Canon A1 with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

Still learning to adjust with light. 

This is Sid.  He and his husband just bought a beautiful house in West LA---styled so charmingly.  Here is their home together in Brooklyn.  Sid has a way of styling his home that I completely envy.  There are times when I thrift shit and ask myself, would Lauren (or Lauren) buy this?  I love artsy-minimalism but sometimes, quirky things just make me so much happier.  So I risk the clutter in exchange for cheap quirky thrills.  I love Sid and Sean's place cause it's right in between and everything, paired together, makes sense.   Oh and all this dish-ware is Heath (life would be complete if I had the means to collect all that).

Sid and I met when he moved to LA from NY.  I was working at Illesteva and he is friends with one of the owners.  He would come in and chat for a couple hours at a time, it was really the highlight of the day when he came in cause he was able to life the weight of a gloomy day so easily with that amount of witty sass.  Something about this guy---truly a positive spirit.  

Oh and I don't usually like small dogs but I love this two; Zoë and Eno (after Brian Eno).

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