Ian Sullivan -- Canon A1 with Ilford HP5 Plus 400

Ian is my best friend.  Lets start from the bottom; he bought a bowling ball and wanted to practice early one Sunday morning cause it's only a dollar a game before 9AM or something like that I can't remember the details.  I didn't want to bowl so I just watched and he said that if I came with him, he'd take me to breakfast at the diner attached to the bowling spot.  I knew I should've changed the exposure cause you can't see shit.  

The picture thats all messed up where his glasses are all glared out -- I think we went to Federal Bar for lunch that day.  Or maybe we went to a car show down at the lighthouse?  Whatever that was, I wonder why it turned out that this?

Ian took me to a mechanic shop which I imagine is like a Sephora for men.  Boring AF but I always put up with it.  

The first photo is in his old BMW waiting to get a carwash.  Dude cut us off and Ian gave him shit about it so dude left apologizing.  Me, I would've been passive aggressive and I dunno, glared at dude.  This one time in Portland we were waiting to use the bathroom and this girl walked in front of us and Ian was like "hey are you waiting to use the bathroom?  Cause so are we!"  Woah man, that was rad cause I would've never confronted a stranger.  I have a photo of that time in a few posts down below.  Keep scrolling.  In any case, maybe that's why I keep winning at Cards Against Humanity; I'm a fucking people pleaser.  Maybe thats why I love labrador retrievers so much.

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