Liam's 1 Year -- Olympus Infinity Mini with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

Khoa and I became friends almost a a decade ago when he came into the hat shop I worked at and we hit it off.  We were having a 3-year anniversary party for the shop so I told him to come.  He did and met my sister Linda and exchanged numbers.  I think they went on a date or maybe it was just a couple phone-calls but it just didn't work out.  Linda said he was too "artsy" and I said go fuck yourself cause at the time I didn't really get along with Linda.  I was so stupid and angry back then, I don't know why I had such a deep resentment for just about everyone in my family.  So stupid and so much wasted time.  I feel really awful about it now cause I missed out on so much growing up.

In any case, Khoa had a night at Mesa (I think it was also post-punk night) and invited Nick and I to come.  We thought he was the coolest so we went.  Khoa would come by to the Lab where we worked and would just hang out consistently for the next few years.  I think at the time he had just left his graphic design job at Volcom and was about to spend a few months traveling.  There was an unsettled way about him at the time.  

Khoa was my favorite person to practice my cartoon drawings on cause he has such distinct features. I'm grateful we are still friends.  He always introduces me to the coolest music and I think he's a true kid at heart.  He collects a ton of random things too so when his birthday rolls around, he's the easiest person to shop for.  

Khoa introduced me to his friend Lucy about 6 or 7 years ago; she had just bought this house in Long Beach and was renting out a room so that's where I came in.  I think I only stayed there about 3 months cause the commute was brutal and it was a strange time in my life.  I had a cat and she had a really old dog and they would always sleep on or next to each other.  It was really sweet.  Funny story: when Ian and I first started dating, it was New Years and I took him home and there was a giant turd on my bed from her dog cause I guess dogs get really scared with all the fireworks and shit/pee everywhere.  Apparently, it's like the apocalypse for them.  If I ever get a dog, I'm going to make sure it stays with me during those hard times.

Liam is her precious son; the sweetest thing.  I can tell he's going to be a good looking kid.

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