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I met with a doctor a couple weeks ago who told me that the reason why a lot of freelancers go into depression is not because of financial instability; it's because they're not on a schedule so our bodies go into shock. 

She said to try for a couple weeks to wake up at the exact same time everyday, eat my meals, shower, get dressed and leave the house.  I think the showering and getting dressed part is the hardest because there are days where I'll just be in my PJs and on my computer for 3 days in a row cause I have nowhere I need to be.  

Since the breakup, I've stopped drinking coffee and switched to black tea.  I'll wake up every morning around 6:30AM, pull myself out of bed and start the pot.  I'll put on a record, make a quick simple breakfast and load up on my vitamins.  I think this routine has been making a difference I feel a lot better than I thought I would be feeling.  I still feel a bit anxious but I'm sure the switch to black tea is making that feeling far less prominent.  I think this feeling is best described through this song: ESG 'U.F.O'.  It's a dull, empty, discomfort. 

In any case, I do physically (energy and such) feel better than I did or have ever felt so things are looking up.

mugs (left to right, top to bottom): HEA Ceramics, Hasami, thrifted (signed "Butcher"), HEA Ceramics, EXP by Peter Shire, thrifted (signed "RJN"), Hasami, thrifted (looks like the mug from Twin Peaks), thrifted (signed "SKP").


Liz said...

I switched to black tea and stopped coffee too during a hard breakup - and during hard times in general. Weird habit I have that ends up being way helpful because it is more meditative and doesn't start my day off with the anxiety coffee brings me. Rishi Earl Gray Lavender (and eating - can't forget to eat or else all else is shit) is my favorite with the year of hibernation on vinyl

Callie Michelle said...

Long time silent YouTube viewer, breaking the silence to send good vibes your way. When I find myself struggling with heightened anxiety, I retreat to a solid morning ritual, earlier mornings sitting in the quiet, and grounding herbal teas (like fennel).

On another note, I've never read it - but I've heard very good things about Lisa Messenger's book Breakups and Breakthroughs.


Hannah Lyne said...

Another long time listener, first time caller here. I feel like this would be amazing advice for anyone going through a challenging time whether it be physical or mental. I find I have to be physically feeling fresh and organised to be productive working from home. Visually your spaces can really affect how clouded you feel. I'm very into this, thanks so much for sharing girl.

Also P.S. forever loving your Spotify! Thanks for that also