marco polo, mariage frères

I met with a doctor a couple weeks ago who told me that the reason why a lot of freelancers go into depression is not because of financial instability; it's because they're not on a schedule so our bodies go into shock. 

She said to try for a couple weeks to wake up at the exact same time everyday, eat my meals, shower, get dressed and leave the house.  I think the showering and getting dressed part is the hardest because there are days where I'll just be in my PJs and on my computer for 3 days in a row cause I have nowhere I need to be.  

Since the breakup, I've stopped drinking coffee and switched to black tea.  I'll wake up every morning around 6:30AM, pull myself out of bed and start the pot.  I'll put on a record, make a quick simple breakfast and load up on my vitamins.  I think this routine has been making a difference I feel a lot better than I thought I would be feeling.  I still feel a bit anxious but I'm sure the switch to black tea is making that feeling far less prominent.  I think this feeling is best described through this song: ESG 'U.F.O'.  It's a dull, empty, discomfort. 

In any case, I do physically (energy and such) feel better than I did or have ever felt so things are looking up.

mugs (left to right, top to bottom): HEA Ceramics, Hasami, thrifted (signed "Butcher"), HEA Ceramics, EXP by Peter Shire, thrifted (signed "RJN"), Hasami, thrifted (looks like the mug from Twin Peaks), thrifted (signed "SKP").

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