PNW -- Olympus Infinity Mini with Kodak UltraMax 400

Right outside Mississippi Records in Portland -- I just found an amazing stack of records that cost 10x less than what I would pay in LA.
Just got to Seattle and we went to a bar called Montana which I went to for the first time a couple years ago -- reminds me of the Pike in Long Beach.
Anthony's home in Seattle -- I just got that tattoo in Portland the day before.  Right now (a few days later) it's itchy as fuck.  I'm going to try to get a small tattoo every place I travel from here on out.  Ian hated tattoos so I've been really biting my tongue for the past 6 years and now I'm going to finally go for it.  I'm kind of a hypocrite cause when he went to Portland last year, a bunch of his friends got tattoos and he said he got one too and when I heard the news I was enveloped in so much disappointment but it was a joke and he was like "ha, so that's how I feel!"...I don't know man, I guess when you really care for someone, you don't want them to endure any amount of self inflicted pain or something or maybe it didn't feel "pure".  I'm already tainted with tattoos so I don't see the point.

Lauren in Anthony's kitchen.

Anthony driving us around Seattle.

So for the next few photos, I gave my camera to Lauren to shoot when she goes to Vashon with Anthony -- I told her to kill the roll but she only took like 4 photos.


This was on Sunday night when Lauren made an amazing Mexican dinner and invited her friends over.  Solid crew.

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