Yashica Electro 35 GTN with Kodak Gold 200

Its been 37 hour since I've uploaded these photos and since I can't sleep, even if I drank an entire bottle of wine and I know I'll wake up tomorrow with the hangover of a lifetime, I thought I'd add some text to these photos.

Noah Shady, Raul Diaz, and Maly Mann came to my house a couple months ago to deliver a dining table Raul built for a popup shop in Culver city.  Noah came with a hurt foot which he couldn't put his full weight on but being a good friend means you give all your support.  All of it.

Maly Mann

Raul Diaz; I showed this this set to my camera repair guy and he gave me pointers on how to take a portrait -- he said don't do it straight on and to focus on the face not the white shirt Raul was wearing.  Who would've thought.  

To be honest with you, I was really anxious when they came so I think when I took these photos, I didn't really shoot with intention...I mean fuck, Noah's first pic came out unintentionally blurry AF. 

When Canh came down to LA from Seattle July?  August?  I took him to the Noguchi garden in OC.  I took like 3 more shots but I'm still not used to the fact that this camera has a lens cap so I fucked up and the photos came out black.  

Sometime mid-July, I went to this pool party with a few of Lauren's close friends.  You can see Kirill in the background.

I went up to SF a couple times this past summer to work at Anomie.  Hung out in Berkeley with Catherine and Oakland with Chris.

These kids live in SF but I think this photo was taken at Keri's barbecue in Long Beach last month.  I don't know why I even bothered bringing this camera along when I really only ended up taking this one photo.

The Ned in London.

Right outside the TATE Modern.

At the TATE Modern.

Liam Tarpey invited me over for Sunday Roast; he had It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on in the background and everyone there was hooked.  Liam also smokes in the house.  I wonder if he did that when he sublet my spot in Long Beach for a month.

Breakfast at The Ned in London.  You know I feel like a douche cause there was a guy working front desk there with a perfectly waxed handlebar mustache that I saw on the first day and immediately I thought "What a fucking douche with your groomed, strategically timed facial hair.  This dude must be a prick."  Turns out, he was the sweetest person there and I turned out to be the douche here.  I'm a really poor judge of character.  

Joanna and I got tattoos in Shoreditch and this was a poorly lit photograph of her signing the waver .

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