Olympus Stylus Zoom 140 with Fujicolor C200

Maybe this film isn't right for this camera...
I need to stop taking pics of cars...the world definitely does not need anymore of this content.
Went to The Hawk in Long Beach to discuss a DJ night with Khoa and Angel.  I don't know why they asked me to join, I'm not a "turn up" DJ...I definitely don't know how to get the party started.  Part of me feels like they're shooting themselves in the foot.  I am fucking honored but scared shitless.
Anese got some new folding chairs.
Went out to Hermosillo and Burger Lords with Maddie.
My neighbor's dewy car.
On my way to Stehanie Villa's to shoot a Sippin' Sista video.
Stephanie's got the coolest home I've ever seen. 
I took Maddie to Long Beach to check it out.  This is in the bathroom at The Hawk.
I love this photo of Maddie, probably my favorite in this whole set.  The Photo Booth reminds me of Amelie.

Long Beach in the back of my new apartment.
Orange County, on my way to get pho.
Fuck Santa Monica -- who OK'd this?  This is why I avoid the westside.  They'll do anything to keep homeless people out of their city.
Palm trees outside the photo lab.

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Disa Chantel said...

This roll came out great! I think the film works quite well with the camera.