Batteries Dying -- Olympus Infinity 80 with Kodak Gold 200

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christine!
It's maybe weird to post a comment here but whatever :)
Just wanted to say I loved the heart to heart video about loneliness/friendship. I would have never imagined you suffered of this, you seem so outgoing and seem to have such an active social life. The thing of talking to random people and asking how their week end went, is kind of what I **try** to do as well, it was funny to see you do it too.

Unrelated, I also wanted to say I love your Spotify playlists! You should listen to Four Tet's playlists on Spotify, they're amazing and I think you'd like them.

Oh one question, maybe for your next video: how is life in Los Angeles (or Long Beach since you moved there)?

That's all :)

Thank you