Portra 400 with Olympus XA

Devon texting, riveting content.

I went to Boise to see Caitlin perform at Treefort the week after my birthday.  She just had her hair done and the curls were too bouncy so here, she's adding water to straighten it out.

Sam showed me a secret garden I can't say where cause he doesn't want it to blow up.  This was the first time I've seen him in all white and for some reason, all white always looks so good to me.

It was a very warm day and we were cranky and hungry so we popped into a sketchy looking, empty Chinese food restaurant and figured it was either going to be very good OR very, very bad.  It was a good deal and Sam mentioned how he's amazed that even with inflation, they didn't raise the prices to what would be acceptable in LA.  I said maybe the person who owns this place is really old and doesn't really need the money but is only keeping this place running because he needs a purpose.  I don't know man, when I'm old and retired and if I had a restaurant that staffed as many people as they had, I would keep it going until I die...I think.

In any case, this place was in Atwater Village -- the food was tasty but the ingredients weren't the best.  If you get a lunch special, you can definitely share 1 meal between 2 people -- heavy portions.  I hope they don't use MSG.  Word vomit got the best of me, I'm feeling very emotional today.

Sid has an instagram that blew up sometime last year or the year before that where he takes events in fashion and photoshops them into different situations.  I can't explain it very well but he's got a sense of humor.  He asked me to take portraits of him for Vogue or Elle (can't recall).

I have this problem where I constantly ask "are you OK?" over and over again until whoever I'm asking gets irritated.  I think it's stems from insecurity.  I talked about it to try and come up with a solution cause it's a repeating problem.  Caitlin says women are very intuitive and I think that's a part of it...I need to learn to stop.

I said I'd stop taking photos of cars but this color is rad so fuck me.

I dropped my purse and the camera opened in my bag, exposing the rest of the shots...

Ross Yerkes sealed the camera for me and I think it's starting to come apart but I don't have the heart to bring it back.

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