Kodak ColorPlus 200 with the Olympus Infinity 80

I bought a 10 pack off Amazon of the wrong film -- go figure.  What I swear I bought was Kodak Gold 200 but I'm not mad at these photos.  Red eye reduction would've come in handy.

Sketch night at The Hawk in LB.  Joe's bedroom eyes got the best of him.

Angel, Kyle, and Brian.

Donny Hunt

Brian and Khoa -- we all played a weird set that night.  Not stoked on it.

The next few images were from an event with Glossier at Tenants of the Trees.  I got sick that night and ended up laying down in the back smoking patio and all my friends hid me so I wouldn't have to be social.  Ended up heading out early at 9:45 and then passing out on my couch in HP until 1 or 2 in the morning, then driving back to LB.  It was a very social night but I felt so lonely.

^Joanna had the best glittery eyeshadow situation on that night.

Canh was my +1...he really should start a beauty YouTube cause he's been going to a lot of events with Maddie and me.  I really like that Maddie has been hanging out with the people who mean the most to me even when I'm not around -- I think she's the only friend I have who has made an effort to get to know everyone on a personal level without me around.  That's rad.

Joanna, Canh, Maddie, and Kelly.

Some dude and Austin.  That canvas jacket is so cool.

David and Angela

Joellen, her man (don't remember his name), and Maddie.

Austin on the smoking patio that I passed out on.

Shakah Canh mansplaining

Maddie got a PJ set from Lisa Says Gah and asked me to shoot her so I did as soon as I got back from Seattle.  Violet is so cute in these photos too.

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