FujiFilm Superia Premium 400 with Olympus Infinity 80

I went up to San Francisco on two separate occasions but this roll happened to land on both trips.  Peer Press had a party at a shop so I drove up with Cynthia.
And then I drove up to San Francisco to hang out with Maddie and we went to Anomie where I made her try on this denim dress that fit her perfectly.  She wears it with a mock neckfrom time to time too and it's such a cute look!
This past summer, Maddie and I tried to teach Canh how to swim at the Glassel Park pool.  It was a very good day -- we didn't have enough cash to get in cause I thought it was only $1.75 to get in BUT it was actually more like $3.75 or something but the girl working let us in either way.  I was really proud of myself cause I didn't realize how patient I am -- I'm a pretty good teacher.
Maddie and I did a gig with Peet Rivko, the skincare line.  Casey booked it for us -- she's a saint! 
I went to visit Ian in Ventura after his motorcycle accident.  I realized when I left that we day-drink so much together.  Or maybe he always day-drinks and I just did it for so long to keep him company.  Either way, I don't like drinking so early cause I get sleepy and cranky so that explains the next photo where I'm beat red.
I felt nodding off at the bar and Ian kept trying to wake me up -- I was cranky as ever and definitely didn't want to be there.
Back at Black Bar -- I love that everyone in LB likes to dance :-)

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