he'd been away for so long, the amount of fear that came with his profession had been forgotten.  carry that weight on you long enough and you start to feel differently.

he'd gotten so comfortable being needed at home raising the boys, he can hardly recall what it felt like to be on the clock.  bracing, he would imagine.

but no one was ever excited to see him.  he quickly remembered the feeling.
there would always be a great deal of anxiety when he entered the room.  you can see it in their faces.  they knew what he had to say could be the end for any burgeoning business.  everyone wanted him to do his part and leave quickly.

every morning, after he dropped the kids off at school, there would be a stark change in his demeanor.  he spoke in a voice not of his own and they would do the same.

remorse for every failed health inspection, he started writing yelp reviews to redeem his faith.  this is where he felt fulfilled.

he loved it.  it wasn't a chore, it was an act of service; his most loved love language.

here, he would exercise his wit and everyone paid attention.

after a long day of seeing disappointed faces, he needed that release.  this feeling would exonerate any grief he had been harboring.

once home, he returned to himself.

his true self couldn't care less about hygiene.  their stove top was always greasy, floors never not sticky, cast iron skillet would never past inspection TBH.

here, the expiration date is just a suggestion.
patina bruv, heard of it?

everyone hates guy fieri but he brings light to small businesses.

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