at the expense of the american dream

The flight home was more unbearable this time around.  

Enveloped in a generous amount of loneliness; he left the airport to find his driver 
waiting patiently outside.

“Where now, Sir?” 

“Just take me home.”

The drive was quiet.  There was a static in the air, for we know the season was about to change.  
This was his favorite time of the year; the grass was just a shade greener.  

“Would it be alright if we take the long way home?”

The driver switched courses immediately, he also had no place to be and could use the time as well.  

They drove between gorgeous green meadows with blooming buds and took this time to 
reflect upon their previous months.  

They drove for about 15 minutes when the gentleman noticed a man eating grass in the meadow.

“Stop the car!”, he demanded. 

He rolled down his window to shout, “Excuse me Sir, why are you eating grass?” 

“I don’t have money for food”, the grass-eater explains. 

Without hesitation, the gentleman says, “Come with me, I will provide you with 
all the food you will ever need.” 

“I can’t come with you”, the grass-eater says, “I’ve got a wife and two kids at home.” 

“Do they eat grass as well?” 

“Yes, it’s all we’ve got.” 

“Well”, the gentleman thought for a moment, 
“Bring them along with us.  I will provide for your family.” 

And so they made their way to the estate.  

The gentleman had been away for so long, he was a bit embarrassed 
for the mess they might come home to.  

As he expected, the front yard hadn’t been manicured; trees and bushes, unkempt.  
The lawn had overgrown tremendously.  

“This should be enough food for everyone.”

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