Coffee for Company; Change for Strangers 
(Pt. 6)

He is one of the richest people I have ever met

He does not come from old money or new money; 
can't offer you a loan or cover the bill
-- does not have a handsome salary
he does not offer much power and influence.  
not pure or washed up, 
not old school or new school
never went through a trying phase

He is, however,
overflowing with sincere kindness, 
honesty and incredible reliability 

He takes these things seriously 
because he wants to be taken seriously 
but when taken too seriously; 
his anxiety pushes him to react in strange ways -- 
heavy lies the crown, that kind of thing

He occupies his time with plenty of hobbies 
indulges in the occasional vice, 
yet has admirable self-control

He does not wait to see if people will like him, 
& does not question whether or not he will like someone 
he will surprise you with his sense  humor

His greatest fear is that one day, "it" will all end 
and he'll have nothing to show for it  
yet, he's still trying to figure out what 
"it" really is and if it's worth fighting for.

He gave away his riches and still remained a rich man.  

And for him, everyone cried.
redeemer, as the wafer breaks
give him the choice
to never forget he’s been forgiven

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Jess said...

beautiful text <3